Joe Hysell

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Joe Hysell

Vice President

Joe has 10 years of recruitment, service, and business development experience working for colleges, in wealth management and for local sports associations. He has witnessed how the most successful organizations are committed to developing strong cultures with shared core values. He’s also witnessed first-hand the struggle that businesses have when they lose sight of those important values, and how unfortunate the outcomes are in those situations.

Raised in central Florida, Joe grew up in a family committed to hard work, education and making life better for those around them. Growing up watching his parents grind-out 60-hour work weeks inspired him to pursue a professional life where his own hard work could make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Joe attended Wake Forest University and SUNY, Plattsburgh, majoring in Psychology. While developing his professional career, Joe has also developed a musical career for himself. He has written and produced two full-length albums and will be releasing new material in late 2015. His efforts serving as songwriter, manager, promoter and booker for the Dirt Road Ramblers has provided overwhelmingly positive experiences which impact his day job, too. One highlight was selling out the world-famous Dakota Jazz Club in 2014.

Joe lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his wife Claire, and he is the proud father of two year old Leo. In his free time, Joe enjoys exercise, traveling and golf, and is an avid basketball fan. “As is the case in business, music and sports – it is the work that is done when no one is looking that pays the largest dividends.”

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